Fatherhood: The Beginning

Recently I became a new father when my wife and I were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Although she was full term she came a few weeks before her due date. What we thought was a routine hospital visit quickly escalated and a few hours later we were holding her in our hands.

The doctor let me watch the Caesarian section and our baby came out looking like an alien covered in white fluid! She cried immediately. I remember clapping soundlessly and showing a thumbs-up to my wife. They cleaned her up and took her away for a couple of hours for some care.

I was waiting alone while my wife was being stitched up. I made a few calls and then more waiting. Soon I was sitting beside my wife while they monitored her and 2 hours after the event we went back to our room. Our baby joined us in a few minutes!


After about 3 hours of playing with her (which mostly meant looking at her or carrying her while she blissfully slept), I realized I hadn’t eaten the whole day and stepped out. As I opened my mouth my jaw started hurting. That’s when I came to know that smiling for too long can hurt!